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Executives international tax Plans : Intelfi optimizes.

By balancing taxation and compensation and benefits schemes, Intelfi reduces costs and increases the satisfaction of Executives on a lasting basis due to enhanced earning levels and stability.

Employment costs that double or even triple; however, an assignment abroad is not at all a synonym for luxury .

Because each optimization involves a unique senior executive, each solution must necessarily be original .
Intelfi plays with time, specifically the periods needed to balance out the varying taxation systems in an advantageous way. .

Multinationals, specialized companies, international organizations, private individuals seeking advice, 4 types of clients .

The high expectations of executives: to integrate and perform their duties as soon as possible, trust and speed.

Many different countries, varied compensation levels due to the nature of the assignment and tax variations. The need for financial security accrues and is more keenly felt .

Quality of expert solutions: this is the basic requirement. The capacity to apply best practices.


Less numerous, more precious, international executives concentrate assignments and means, powers and risks, all at an unprecedented level.

In response to extraordinary circumstances, original solutions.

Intelfi optimizes company costs and the satisfaction level of executives posted abroad, thereby increasing their competitiveness and their security. It saves on outsourcing costs and makes it possible to master the actions and duties of a company's management team by reinforcing the international skills of HR departments.

More value, Intelfi is at your side.


WTO, NAFTA, FTA . global trade exchanges have never been so structured, intense and fluctuating. In this context, exporting competencies by posting executives abroad is a key tools for companies interested in achieving success on an international level.

Paradox: executive postings abroad remain tied to tax and labor laws that for the most part are national and out of sync with the current realities of manufacturing and trade.

Consequences: the costs for sending someone abroad remains high, the company experiences instability in setting up, and the executives sent abroad have varying perceptions of the solutions that are nonetheless very draining on company resources.

Intelfi offers optimization models and real time adjustments

Measured advantages: increased productivity, lower costs with steady profits, heightened executive satisfaction.

Finding and stabilizing the right balance, reducing costs, measuring and improving satisfaction; Intelfi develops and increases its 4 core compentencies and expertises in order to :


Adjusted according to each company's international expansion, Intelfi's approach makes it possible to reach and consolidate financial and managerial goals for executive assignments abroad.
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